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Uniserve Facilities Services is constantly striving to remain a leader in the facility maintenance and service industry. Our company is committed to staying a leader by embracing new technology, continued training of personnel and close personal contact with each client to identify new and improved ways to service them.

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Trusted Cleaning Partner Since 1966

    UNISERVE is trusted by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and customer satisfaction.

    Our expert team effectively develop customized cleaning programs that meet the frequent needs and challengesof the Aviation Industry.

    Our museum cleaning experts are specially trained in proper museum cleaning techniques which are needed in sensitive environments.
Commercial Cleaning Services
Lower Your Facility Maintenance Costs by Tens of Thousands of Dollars
Now, more than ever, we are all looking for ways to save money. For large facilities lowering overhead means identifying areas of high cost and creating new ways to become more efficient. At Uniserve Facilities Services our highly trained staff, proprietary methods and advanced technology enables us to provide a higher level of service and standard for our clients while keeping their facility maintenance and cleaning costs low. We are so confident we can make a difference in your maintenance costs that for a limited time we are offering a free evaluation of your current services. Contact us today and we will coordinate a meeting time to provide you with some facile solutions that will lower your maintenanance overhead and improve your current standard of service.
Specialized Aviation Facility Services
Aviation Experience
UNISERVE Facilities Services has had a continuous presence at Los Angeles International airport since 1976.

Furthermore, we have been providing services to the tenants and municipalities of the following airports since 1992, Oakland International Airport (OAK), San Francisco International airport (SFO) and Denver International Airport (DIA) and Spokane International airport (GEG) since 1998.

UNISERVE extended its capabilities internationally with the servicing of Incheon International airport (ICN) after its inception in 1997. UNISERVE was responsible for the design and implementation of the ICN cleaning program from 1998-2008.

Every UNISERVE employee assigned to an Airline or Airport Facility has undergone the required Background Screening in accordance with TSA policies and procedures. UNISERVE understands that janitorial services provided in an Airport/Airline environment are unique. Our Management Professionals effectively develop customized cleaning programs that meet the frequent needs and challenges of the Aviation Industry.

Satisfied Airport Clientele

Specialized Museum Facility Services
Museum Experience: The Getty Center, Los Angeles
UNISERVE proudly provides a comprehensive cleaning program for the J. Paul Getty Center. The Getty is comprised of multiple buildings such as a 6 story administrative office building, 450-seat auditorium, 5 story research facilities and laboratory, 3 restaurants, 120 seat lecture hall, a five-level interconnected museum gallery and 2 subterranean parking structures with 1,200 parkingspaces. UNISERVE ensures that this prestigious and world renowned facility is continuously maintained to an A class standard.

Our services entail three shifts covering 24 hours per day 7 days per week. UNISERVE is responsible for the cleaning of all offices, Art galleries, labs, restaurants, public areas, service roads, trams and parking facilities. UNISERVE established credibility and trust through proven work methods that ensure continuity of our services. The uniqueness that is the Getty Center has provided UNISERVE with a high level of experience in servicing museum's and other high profile facilities. UNISERVE in conjunction with the Getty's personnel implemented a Green Cleaning program for both the Getty Center and Villa. Our work efforts to create a Green Cleaning program played in an integral role helping to obtain L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for existing buildings.

UNISERVE also provides services to the Getty's Scholar Apartments. The Scholar Apartments consists of 30+ residential units which house Scholars from all across the globe. We are responsible for detail cleaning each unit as they are vacated in preparation for new scholar arrivals. Common areas such as lounges, restrooms and kitchens are serviced daily. As part of our detail cleaning services UNISERVE also manages the linen services.
Recieve a Free Maintenance Overhead and Green Cleaning Evaluation


Committed to Sustainability and Cleaning for Health

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Uniserve Facilities Services continues to develop it's Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Program to maintain compliance with L.E.E.D. standards. Our Executive Management remains actively involved with its Green Certified Professional vendors to remain knowledgeable of every facet of this rapidly increasing custodial service requirement. Our staff has also played an integral role with the development and implementation of a Green Cleaning Program that meets or exceeds the sustainability criteria.

Our commitment and continued contributions to one of our valued clients, The J. Paul Getty Trust, has allowed them to achieve and maintain Silver Status Recognition under L.E.E.D.

Minimization of Chemical Use: At the heart of a sustainable cleaning program is the idea of “less”. Advance automatic scrubber's require fewer chemicals and less water because they scrub floors clean in one pass. Advance's patented AXP onboarddetergent dispensing system automatically calibrates solution flow to minimize cleaningsolution use while maintaining cleaning performance (as mandated in L.E.E.D. Existing Building guidelines). And because water and detergent don't combine until they reach the scrub deck, there's no wasted solution.

Environmentally Preferable Product Purchasing Policy: We are constantly monitoring the developing lists of recommendations for environmentally preferable product purchasing, created by multiple industry and government organizations. This includes ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as well as state and local governments.


Clients That Trust Us

90% of our clients have been with us for over a decade. Our low turnover and long term client relationships are the strongest indication that we have an excellent group of employees. Trust and respect between management and employees is essential toward meeting our goal of operating a quality business with integrity.

Recieve a Free Maintenance Overhead and Green Cleaning Evaluation


Leader in the Facility Maintenance and Service Industry

Since 1966, Uniserve has built and maintained an elite client list and impeccable reputation through a unique integrated approach to client service. Uniserve offers each client a custom combination of services that fit their specific needs perfectly. Uniserve is qualified to provide these services through decades of experience, the most stringent employment screening methods and comprehensive liability & insurance coverage. Uniserve is committed to staying the leader by embracing new technology, constant training of personnel and personal contact with the client to identify new and better ways to service them.
Experience and Qualifications
Background Experience
UNISERVE currently delivers janitorial services daily to more than 15 million square feet of commercial buildings and properties. We bring to each client the expertise and experience of more than 49 years with a full line of facility maintenance services from janitorial to window washing services, pressure washing, parking lot maintenance and grounds keeping including landscaping.

Our low turnover and long term client relationships are the strongest indication that we have an excellent group of employees. Trust and respect between management and employees is essential toward meeting our goal of operating a quality business with integrity.
Membership & Associations

MBE Certification Agencies
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Southern California Regional Purchasing Council (SCRPC)
  • Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (RMMSDC)
  • Northwest Minority Business Council (NMBC)
  • Northern California Supplier Diversity Council (NCSDC)
  • Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council (GCMSDC)
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Personnel Management | Training and Integration
Through years of experience our management staff have garnered many qualities required of effective leaders such as decisiveness, dependability and intelligence. Our custodial staff receives ongoing training and guidance from our management staff at the start of all projects and throughout. It is imperative that our entire personnel is knowledgeable as the many factors that affect our business - including environmental, technological and regulatory - continue to change. Our interpersonal approach both motivates and transfers vital skills to our entire staff, ensuring better service for our clients.

The rate of technological advancement moves at blurring speeds. Staying current with new technology is a compulsory focus at Uniserve Facilities Services. That is because technology often equals efficiency. For example, the new Advance One-Pass Floor Maintenance System minimizes aggressive scrubbing to lengthen not only the life of your floor finish but also the life of the flooring itself. Advance’s CRI-certified carpet extractors (such as the AquaRide) and CRI-certified vacuum cleaners (such as the CarpeTwin) are proven to retain carpet appearance, increasing the carpet’s useful life and reducing the environmental impact of discarded carpeting. In these examples, the right technology protects the facility from damage and means a longer useful life for hard floor surfaces, carpets and walls which saved our clients money over time. As a bonus, sustainable practices protect facilities as well as the environment. All technology is thoroughly evaluated with special consideration given to the singular requirements of the client and project.
Recieve a Free Maintenance Overhead and Green Cleaning Evaluation


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